Multiple ways to use your True Serene Face oil.

Multiple ways to use your True Serene Face oil.



Face oils are such a nutrient dense feast for the skin. 

Packed full of EFA’S (Essential fatty acids), nutrients and the amazing energy from the sun and earth help create their unique therapeutic properties within each plant oil.

Always choose organic oils when possible, and check the oils you are using have not been refined, bleached and deodorised as all the plants goodness will have been lost. 

I know face oils are nothing new but did you know they can be used in multiple ways.

 1.  As a boost to your daily moisturiserA few drops added to your face cream at this time of  year adds a  much needed skin boost to help seal in moisture during winter and the drier months.

 2. For a mini facial massage. Apply a small amount of oil over your face, neck and décolletage and massage in gentle circular movements upwards and outwards for a few minutes. A great circulation booster and a wonderful way to relieve any tension in the facial muscles.

 3. Add to your foundationJust a drop added to your liquid foundation gives a healthy glow to your skin.

 4. As an overnight skin treatment Face oils are great as a night time treatment and provide skin softening and regenerative properties while you sleep.

 5. For nails and hair. A great way to use up any leftover oil after applying it to your face, simply massage it into your nail beds and cuticles or run fingers through your hair with left over oil to finish.  

Our true serene face oil, is an intensive blend of skin nourishing oils of avocado, jojoba , pomegranate and seabuckthorn. Ultra high in antioxidants this combination provides intense skin softening and regenerating benefits.

Our Organic True Serene Face Oil is formulated without synthetic ingredients or preservatives and is a great way to deliver essential nutrients to your skin.

Are there any other ways you use your face oil? I would love to hear from you.
With Love Nicki x 

Nicki Hanning is the founder and chief skin alchemist of True Organic skincare based in Wanaka, New Zealand. She is a holistic therapist, natural skincare formulator and mother of 2 who has lived and breathed health and wellness for the past 20 years. She is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge to make mindful self care rituals a part of their everyday.


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