Top 3 ways to use our organic multi tasking skin balm

Top 3 ways to use our organic multi tasking skin balm


The name says it all, true wonder balm 

I developed this organic skin balm more than 7 years ago when my daughter Miela was born and it was a great all-rounder assisting in clearing up her dribble rash, red bottom and dry patches of skin on her body.

I originally named the skin balm Nurture baby balm but we had a lot of people asking why just for babies when they were having such great results on adult and children’s skin to? So we made the decision to rename it and make it available to everyone.

We have been getting an amazing following and response from you since.

Here’s some amazing feedback from Kayla Crawford since discovering our true wonder balm.

“...I've suffered from severe.. allergic reactions for the past 5 years and continue to do so …I started off using prescription…treatment but due to personal preferences I wanted to opt for a more natural remedy.

I have tried numerous natural/organic/plant-based creams and ointments … but I have never come across anything like true Wonder Balm before.

I was having quite extreme irritation...It was bumpy, red, flaky and inflamed and the itching was unbearable, … I reached for the true Wonder Balm and I'm not joking, the relief was stopped the itching and within 2-3 minutes all the redness, bumps, dry skin - EVERYTHING went away.

Since then, it's the only thing I reach for for any skin ailment... I've now substituted a range of skin products and in their place sits the True Wonder Balm…awesome skin care range - can't wait to try them all! “

So we are feeling pretty proud here at true HQ helping people with their skin health concerns and giving them some relief with our Organic Skin Balm.

Here's our TOP 3 ways to use our true wonder balm;

 1. Cleanser: use as a cleansing balm to help dissolve dirt, oil and makeup.

To use: Warm a small amount in your hands. Massage onto a dry face in circular motions. Place a warm, damp cloth over your face and breathe deeply before gently wiping the balm away. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and protected.

 2.  Moisturiser: use as a facial moisturiser to guard against moisture loss and deliver extreme hydration to dry distressed skin.

 To use: Gently smooth a very small amount over your face and neck after cleansing. Melts instantly when massaged into skin. Can be used both morning and night for a truly radiant complexion.

 3. Treatment: use as a skin treatment on dry cracked skin, irritated skin, minor cuts & grazes, baby care or as an all over body balm.

 To use: apply to affected area as required.

The only 3 in 1 multi-tasking product you need!

Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way! 


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