Can you believe we are on the other side of winter. It has been a rather unpredictable winter here in Wanaka with a late start to the ski season. The weather gods have finally delivered and there's plenty of the white stuff to be had for all those skiers out there.

I sat in the sunshine today enjoying the suns rays on my back as I wrote. No distractions which is a rarity in our house with 2 very active kids, hubby, dog and cat.

My just turned 6 year old daughter Miela 4 days ago took her first solo flight to stay with her Gran. The build up for me personally was pretty emotional (a few tears shed) letting my baby go it alone. A quick kiss goodbye was all we got at the departure gate, a
s we watched her own it, boarding the plane.

Isn't it true our children are our teachers. The lesson for me on this occasion. Let go and watch my girls courageous and adventurous spirit shine.

While she was away, I took the opportunity yesterday afternoon to check out of my usual roles of wife, mother and biz owner to create my own mini retreat. It began with a relaxing bath listening to  soulful music, a clay mask applied then followed with some girlie movies.

My hubby was speechless as I don't share his love for the screen. My head can usually be found buried in an array of wellness, skin health, food, disruptive biz or personal growth books.

So while on my mini retreat my thoughts came and went. Its amazing when you choose to do something for yourself your monkey mind will do anything to sabotage you. I ended up thinking I should be preparing for the work week ahead, getting the school bags out for the start of the school term, getting on with my study or getting the housework done. The list went on and I began to feel almost guilty for indulging in these simple pleasures for an entire afternoon.  

I am a huge believer in incorporating mini moments or daily rituals into my day and believe there is something quite invigorating in taking a day or a weekend off to unplug from the day to day tasks and focus on YOU. (I just need to stretch this muscle some more.)

When was the last time you paused for a moment and reconnected with yourself? 

Give your self permission now to create your own kind of daily rituals. A time each day to help you feel joy, celebrated and loved.

Do something that feels good. It could be a walk in nature, swim in the ocean, dancing to a certain song, being creative, having a bath, cooking, writing, playing with your pet or kids, brewing a cup of tea or simply looking out the window.

All this talk about creating a space in your day has come from me diving deep into WHY I am doing what I do and why the new direction for TRUE. I don't want to create just another skincare brand.

I want to connect with real women like you and something bigger than beauty in a bottle. To understand beauty on a deeper level and create a haven for these conversations to take place. And to empower you to put yourself at the top of your to do list, even those of you who thrive on the rush of being busy.

My Mission for TRUE is:

"To create meaningful products that deeply nourish and reconnect women to their true selves and the stillness within"

I look forward to continuing on this journey with you of inner and outer beauty transformation.  

With Love Nicki x

Nicki Hanning is the founder and chief skin alchemist of True Organic skincare based in Wanaka, New Zealand. She is a holistic therapist, natural skincare formulator and mother of 2 who has lived and breathed health and wellness for the past 20 years. She is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge to make mindful self care rituals a part of their everyday.

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