Creating the Habit of Daily Movement

Creating the Habit of Daily Movement


MOVE. It’s something we do daily without much consideration.

 Sometimes it’s fast movements rushing from one place to the next, other times it may be slowed down into a somewhat more graceful almost theoretical movement.

Spare a thought for this piece of amazing machinery we call the human body. It gets us from A to B, heals and repairs when we are in the wars or have neglected ourselves for a period of time, it protects us from the outside world with a cover of skin.

Summers coming and with it brings the thought of warm sunny days, lighter foods, and spending more time by the lake. It’s the season that really ignites me to get moving more and start working towards my wellness goals again. Yes I am a stop start kind of girl.

 My motivation right now is high as the day light hours extend and the pull of getting outdoors into nature without the extra winter layers.

I have set myself a wee challenge, nothing to grand, more a challenge to myself to consistently move more over the next 6 weeks in the hope of creating a new habit. No excuses! 

Don’t get me wrong I love feeling fit and strong but since becoming a mum eight years ago my priorities have changed and my own fitness has suffered somewhat.

 My weekly fitness regime has basically consisted of  walking with the children, the odd bike ride, and a few days snowboarding up the mountain. Mostly I walk each day by the lake with my dog Piko. Some days at a pace but more often than not just meandering, taking in the majestic view of the mountains and nature.  

Back in May I came across an online 4 week Boot camp by foreverfit here in NZ and decided to sign up. I am not much of a gym goer but this style of program appealed. What I loved was each day was planned, offered variety and a lot of the workouts were only 15 minutes, something I felt could easily fit into my day around business and family.

The weekly exercise regimes consisted of running, sprints, yoga, Tamba, HIIT (I had never heard of it until now) and more.

Those 4 weeks were a game changer for me and I was determined to keep it up. Guess what life got in the way and it was the first thing to go and was replaced with my daily walk. I love my walks but since reaching my 40’s I feel I need more variety to really benefit all the body systems.

So here's to honouring myself in making fitness a priority and jumping back in to it.

 It's really just another piece of the bigger picture of living a holistic lifestyle, something that I see as forever evolving depending where I am at in the cycle of life. 

I’d love to know how you create movement in your day and how your own wellness journey began?

Nicki Hanning is the founder, chief skincare alchemist & dreamer of True certified organic skincare based in Wanaka, New Zealand. She is a holistic therapist, natural skincare formulator and mother of 2 who has lived and breathed health and wellness for the past 20 years. She is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge to make self-care a part of their everyday.


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