Stress & Skin Problems - Stress Less for Radiant Skin

Stress & Skin Problems - Stress Less for Radiant Skin

How did our life become so busy or is this just our perception?

These days we spend so much time chasing our tails trying to tick off everything on our to–do list. This way of living can really affect our emotional well-being, causing stress, depression and anxiety which can take its toll on our skin's appearance.

You are probably all familiar with the connection of how we feel on the inside having a direct effect on the way we look on the outside. There’s even a new field of medicine out there call psychodermatology that focuses on the mind- skin connection.  Specialists focus on treating the skin problems that are caused or worsened by stress. A very real phenomenon in today’s world.

So what exactly is stress?

In essence, it is a state of mind created by emotional and mental strain. It begins as a thought or perception of a situation and can become something physical. E.g.) increased heart rate, sweating, difficulty sleeping or skin breakouts. Remember everyone reacts differently to life’s situations.

More about the skin stress connection in a later post but this post on the effects of stress on your skin from WebMD will explain further.

Enjoy Stress-Free Radiant Skin With These 4 Tips

 1.  The power of sleep: We can begin understanding the meaning of “beauty sleep” after a few late nights or disrupted nights of sleep. Vital repair work occurs in our body when we sleep so I put it at the top of the list for skin health and wellness. Be sure to establish some healthy before bed rituals to help you Zzz off. Try unplugging from your screen, brewing a calming herbal tea such as chamomile before lights out or massaging lovingly a few drops of Serene face Oil to nourish both mind and skin.

 2.  Make time for yourself: Even if its 10 minutes a day – find a quiet place to STOP whatever you are doing, sit and just relax. Make it a non-negotiable part of your daily schedule just like you would a meeting. It helps bring your body back to centre and can be very powerful once you get in the habit of bringing it into your day.

  3. Move every day: Find some time each day for physical activity. Moving our bodies produces the wonderful brain’s feel good neurotransmitters -endorphins. A 15 minute walk outside, in the garden workout or yoga session is far more realistic and beneficial than trying to plan an hour exercise routine that may never eventuate.

 4.  Be Mindful: Take time to notice the places, people and things in your everyday life and how they make you feel. We can’t always run away from our situation but we can change it by simply changing our thoughts and perception of the situation. This is a great way to diffuse the brains “fight or flight” response.

So just for today stop letting stress take over you and make a conscious effort to put stress in its place with these 4 simple tips. Your skin will thank you for it.




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