Seasonal Release St John's Wort Herbal Oil Infusion 2022.

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St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) herbal infused oil.

Local and sustainably wild-crafted by my hands on the land at Lake Hawea, during the 2021-22 summer season and now ready to be received by you.

I am offering a small batch of this herbal infused oil that has such an infinity for the nerves. An invitation to bestow some welcome care on yourself or loved one through the simple act of herbal body oiling. An easy, convenient, and effective way to apply herbs topically on the skin.   

The fresh buds, flowers and some leaf have been solar infused in certified organic olive oil for 8 weeks, and make for a supportive ally for people experiencing pain, anxiety and general tension that so many are dealing with in our modern life. 

"...the healing contract between Hypericum and those who need to increase their resilience not just physically but also mentally to cope with emotional extremes." Excerpt taken from The Biophilic Garden, Isla Burgess. 

Nourish your nerves and skin through the daily practice of body oiling. The simple act of rubbing and massaging your body is also such a loving self care practice that whispers to your nervous system, you are safe and loved just as you are. A profound way to settle the body into a gentler state of calm and stillness.

Ingredients: Fresh wildcrafted St. John’s wort flowering tops, buds and leaf (Hypericum perforatum), certified organic olive oil & vitamin E. 

For external use only. Your St. John’s Wort Oil will last for up to 6 months or more if stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 

Please Note: This oil does not contain an essential oil scent. 

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