The True Story

How often do you wake up with the intention of ticking off your to do list knowing full well what’s on your list is not achievable, even by Super Woman (if there was one)?

How often do you feel pushed to say yes, yes, yes, for fear of being judged, when all you really want is to take a long bath?

When was the last time you stopped and paused for a moment? Just for YOU.

How many times have you overpaid for under delivered promises of beauty and skincare?

I hear you. Like you, I deal with these scenarios every day as I strive to live a healthier, happier, genuine life.

Does this tired old rerun sound familiar?

I am not enough.

Who do I think I am? 

What will ‘’they’ think if I shine a light on who I truly am?

Who am I to deserve some peace and quiet in my day when I’ve got SO MUCH TO DO?

I don’t have TIME for self-care or self-love – it’s just a silly indulgence!

Well, fellow doubters, I am honoured to welcome you to a world where you ARE enough. You are important and beautiful, and you deserve TRUE, meaningful, mindful beauty.

Say a big YES to celebrating YOU and creating a moment of joy and stillness in your day.

My gift to you is a line of small batch handcrafted certified organic skin health products that give you permission to nourish and reconnect with your True Self. Chosen for their purity and effectiveness, I hand-mix every ingredient and create from my heart for you.

I believe simplicity is the key to living well and have created a range I feel honours this by being multi-purpose, blendable and truly effective.

Dare to explore, create, dream and conquer the fears and challenges within.

I hope True becomes a gentle reminder on your journey of self-discovery and inner and outer transformation, to create a MOMENT FOR YOU, OF JOY, OF CALM every day.