Meet Nicki


Hello Beautiful,

My name is Nicki Hanning and I’m blessed to live at the base of the magical Southern Alps of New Zealand in an alpine town by the name of Lake Hawea, the birthplace of True Mindful Beauty.

Mum to two gorgeous kids, Arlo and Miela, and wife to an incredible, supportive husband, and forever friend to my loyal puppy dog, Sage, I live as openly and honestly as I can, staying true to what I value most. These values of Simplicity, Seasonality, Intention, Honour & Connection have been instilled into every aspect of True Mindful Beauty.

I like to describe what I do as a fusion of Natures Alchemy with a twist of creative self expression from the Heart. Trust me, hundreds of hours in the past 17 years have lovingly gone into the development and creation of skin potions, formulas, and recipes and I’ve often felt a bit like a mad alchemist.

Much research, sourcing of organic and wild crafted botanical plants, oils, butters and clays and blending them into the perfect synergy, have culminated into these beautiful, pure plant botanical, high vibration blends, a gift from the innate wisdom of Mother Nature for you. 

I lovingly craft everything by hand in small/micro batches in my home studio. I hand-pour my potent pure magic into miron glass vessels, labeling them and blessing them before I send each little parcel out into the world to you. 

Each batch is infused with natures intuition. Plants change with the seasons, the rhythms of the Earth, the ebb and flow of the needs of the natural world – and this is uniquely reflected in every batch. There isn’t another like it in the whole wide world, just like you.

My products are made by me, someone who appreciates what true beauty means and doesn’t want to spend her life just working to pay the bills. Each product contains a tiny piece of my soul.

All the love and work that goes into each product, I dream and hope will give you a sense of deep inner peace when you hold it in your hands, pausing and mindfully anoint your beautiful self fully and wholeheartedly in the moment, in your home and your life. Honouring yourself with wild devotion. 

I am a deep thinker and explorer of life, coming up as a Super Uber Highly Sensitive being on Elaine Aron questionnaire, and embody the archetypes of a Sage and Alchemist, which is very fitting and reflective of what I feel drawn to put out into the world.

With love and gratitude

Nicki x