Celebrate The Season SPRING Box

True Mindful Beauty

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Introducing the Celebrate The Season SPRING Box.   

A gift of self appreciation. To slow down, to tend to yourself with the love and care you deserve.

A box that opens you up to all of your senses, through intentional acts of kindness and compassion toward your skin, body, mind and soul.

A box that allows you to take a mindful pause in your day, turning everyday routines into nurturing experiences that nourish you, even if for just a few moments.

A box that allows you to connect back to your body, listening to the gentle whispers of your own heart. And answering the question of What do I need? Not what do others need of me.

This is a box for Self Devotion and Honouring You. 

The Celebrate the Season SPRING Box contains:

  • 6 True Mindful Beauty products for Face and Body                                        ( 2 full size + 4 mini sizes) 
  • seasonal tea blend
  • certified organic muslin cloth
  • self compassion practice card

Please Note: One off bespoke product/s are included in our seasonal box to delight and surprise you. 

Celebrate the Season SUMMER Box releasing Dec 2019!

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