True Duo- Courage Face Mist 50ml + Serene Face Oil 30ml

True Mindful Beauty

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The True DUO of Courage Face Mist  + Serene Face oil , are the perfect match to create a lighter daily facial serum that can be adjusted seasonally to work with your skin.

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True Courage Face Mist, 50ml


Toner: After cleansing, mist skin prior to applying your face oil or balm.  

Spritzer: Mist skin throughout the day for increased hydration and radiance.

Travel: A perfect travel companion to refresh and recharge your adventurous spirit.

INGREDIENT LIST: Rosa damascena (rose) hydrosol*, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) hydrosol*, pelargonium rosem (roser geranium) essential oil*, geraniol+, citronellol+, citral+, limonene+.

100% organic ingredients

* organic ingredients     + component of essential oils

Patch test before use. Store below 30C. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Serene Face oil, 30ml  Please add Seasonal Blend choice at Checkout


Facial Moisturiser: Use as your daily moisturiser. Apply as above using the Ritual.

Facial Serum: In the palm of your hand mix 4-5 drops of face oil + 2 sprays of True Courage Face Mist into a light cream. Press onto your skin and massage into your face and neck using gentle upward and circular strokes. (Adjust your oil and mist ratio with the seasons).

Evening Treatment: Apply a few drops to your face and neck at night after cleansing and massage gently for 1-2 minutes. Rest deeply in a space of gratitude to complete your day.


Patch test before use. Store below 30C. Keep out of direct sunlight.


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